Secure access to your company's web applications

An access control service with authentication. It provides an additional layer of security to Internet facing web applications.

Secure Access provides protection in the following cases

The web applications of your company are exposed to the Internet, and are therefore vulnerable to intrusions.

Your company has remote workers and collaborators who need to access corporate web applications.

You need more control over who, when and what business applications workers access.

You need to protect your web applications against vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks that are issued daily.

More protection with more benefits



Secure Access is fitted to cater for rapid increase of users and internal web applications.

Fast configuration

Encrypted communications

The speed of the connection is not affected by the encryption of incoming and outgoing traffic.


Prevent unauthorized users

You can activate the double factor authentication (2FA) to avoid the access of non-legitimate users to the company's web applications.


Get HTTPS certificates for free

With Secure Access you can get HTTPS certificates for free or you can easily install your own certificates from the administration panel.


Integrated WAF

The firewall that integrates Secure Access detects and blocks the suspicious activities of the users themselves.

Secure encryption

Protection against DDoS attacks

Secure Access increases its resources to maintain an optimal response to a substantial increase in the number of requests.

Secure Access App login

All your protection in one click

Get all the necessary protection for your company with Secure Access