Stay protected with Secure Access


Authenticated on-premises access control service. It provides an extra level of security in your infrastructure. Protects your corporate web applications exposed to the Internet.


Cloud-based Access control service. It provides an additional layer of security to Internet facing web applications. Performs as an intermediary between the requests of users and the servers of the corporate web applications.

2FA App

App for mobile devices that adds an extra layer of security with additional authentication steps such as TOTP or PUSH notifications. It minimizes the risk of losing your credentials.

What makes Secure Access so different?

Secure Access Integrative Web Applications

Integrative web applications

Secure Access can integrate every type of web application: from project management tools, corporative wikis, CRM / Intranet, to error-monitoring systems and panel administrations for any type of network.

Secure Access Applicable Authentication Providers

Authentication providers

To reinforce your protection, you'll be able to integrate Secure Access with authentication suppliers such as DUO, Radius, TOTP or PK, CAC, and many others.

Secure Access Personalisation


Secure Access has an intuitive and minimalist control panel that can manage the authorisation of both individual and groups of users. The unified authentication proxy can also provide access, configuration, activation, and deactivation.